Diridon Station Area, San Jose

  • New funding mechanisms will be needed to reach the goal in the Station Area Plan that 15% of new housing in the Diridon Station Area be affordable to low income residents.
  • Diridon is already a significant transit hub, with stops for Caltrain, Amtrak, VTA light rail and multiple bus lines, and the station is a planned stop for both BART’s extension to San José and high-speed rail, making it a highly accessible and desirable location.

Existing community organizing among residents around issues like immigration may provide a base for organizing on issues related to housing and resisting displacement.

As investment continues flowing into the Diridon Station area, a citywide or urban village-specific public benefits zoning policy or similar policies may be the only way to avoid continued displacement.

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After years of city planning and redevelopment, the area around San Jose’s Diridon Station is transforming into an affluent urban neighborhood. Redevelopment efforts of the 1980s displaced low income households and primed the land for the current development growth. Recently, activism around the Station Area plan has reignited the call for affordable housing, but its success would depend on the funding available in this post-redevelopment era. 

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