East Palo Alto

  • Jobs-housing ratios show that housing pressure are mounting and pose a serious threat to East Palo Alto’s affordability.
  • The city is home to many low-income households (and undocumented immigrants), already burdened by their housing costs
  • With much of city’s rental housing owned by a single landlord, tenants face aggressive eviction actions and other forms of harassment.
  • The stakes are high for households that leave, because little affordable housing is available in surrounding cities.

East Palo Alto is distinctive for its government’s commitment to ensuring the city remains affordable to low income households, and for a strong legacy of community organizing that holds the City government accountable to that commitment. Yet the housing pressures are mounting, and households that cannot afford East Palo Alto may be forced to leave the region altogether, and are relocating as far as Tracy, Manteca, and the Central Valley.

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The City of East Palo Alto was established on the principles of protecting housing of lower income communities of color in the affluent Silicon Valley. These principles have translated to some of the strongest tenant protections in the Bay Area. However, continued high income job growth, as well as the lack of new or affordable housing in surrounding communities, has created much pressure in recent years.


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