Macarthur BART Station Area, Oakland

  • With major revitalization projects slated for central locations within MacArthur, the area’s desirability will likely continue to increase
  • The severity of the affordability crisis continues to accelerate, with continuously rising rents and a tremendous jump in rates of housing burden. 

While MacArthur has passed the peak of the latest foreclosure crisis, many residents remain vulnerable to displacement, and the full impact of the foreclosures is yet to be determined as properties continue to rapidly change hands and sales prices climb.

As much of the region’s challenges are actively debated and addressed in MacArthur, changes in the area provide an opportunity for advocates, researchers, community leaders, and government officials to inform regional solutions through careful tracking of MacArthur’s ongoing development.

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The neighborhoods surrounding North Oakland’s Macarthur Bart Station have undergone rapid demographic and physical change, associated with both its proximity to revitalizing commercial districts, affluent neighborhoods, and transit accessibility.  These current housing dynamics in MacArthur are born of a long history of institutionalized racial discrimination, with the most notable impact on the area’s African American residents. Any efforts to achieve equitable development must take this history into account.

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