Marin City

  • The proportion of African-Americans households in Marin City continues to decrease
  • There is a constant fear that public housing units will be lost, given the area’s high land value and views of the Bay, as well as recent unfriendly policies and deferred maintenance.

Current concerns regarding displacement do not appear to be as high of a priority compared to other community issues, largely because of the unusually large core of public and subsidized housing that provide stable homes for many of the community’s low-income families.

However, residents’ experience with the loss of the flea market—which, unlike the current shopping center, was successful and provided local residents economic opportunity—has primed them for the experience of displacement.

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Marin City is a historically African American community, established during WWII. Despite being surrounded by affluent communities of Marin County and restricted in growth because of the County’s value of preserving open space, Marin City continues to house over half of its residents in subsidized housing. It is home to many low and moderate income families, even after racial and demographic shifts.

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