The Mission, San Francisco

  • Over the last thirty years, the Mission has seen a decrease in the proportion of family households and Latino population
  • Despite an increase in income, housing burden has increased in the Mission
  • The Mission continues to see the highest rate of evictions in the city.

The Mission District serves as a potent example of the demographic and commercial changes that can occur in a high-demand location with walkability, accessibility, and access to amenities in the center of an expensive region.

The Mission has already undergone significant gentrification and continues to experience displacement. While Valencia Street on a Saturday night may be unrecognizable to residents from twenty years ago, the neighborhood still hosts a sizable Latino population. This neighborhood has been here before: the dotcom boom at the turn of the century foreshadowed (and set the stage for) many of the changes facing it today.

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For decades, San Francisco’s Mission District has been the site of active community organizing, affordable housing and minority-owned businesses. However, under the pressures of the "dot com boom," more and more industrial land has shifted to high-end residential uses. It has now become the icon of gentrification and Displacement in the Bay Area.

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