Open Source Project

The Urban Displacement Project’s Open Source Project is an effort to democratize research methods, making them transparent and accessible for a wide audience of researchers, practitioners, and community members. By making annotated codebooks available online, UDP hopes to provide an opportunity for others to improve and build upon past research, in order to better capture dynamics in jurisdictions we’ve previously researched. Our Jupyter notebooks will make it possible for us to crowdsource the local knowledge about places that our secondary data sources often fail to capture. We also hope that methods can be more easily adapted and applied to other cities and regions, starting conversations around local dynamics of neighborhood change.  

Codebooks used to produce typology maps and research reports are available at UDP’s GitHub page. Currently available codebooks include: 

  • Gentrification and Typology maps for Atlanta, the Bay Area, Chicago, Cleveland, Denver, Los Angeles, Memphis, Seattle/the Puget Sound
  • California’s Sensitive Communities Map  

All code is annotated and data, if necessary, is available for download. Readmes provide general instructions about how to work with code. Note that much of our code makes use of the Census API, which requires that interested parties register for an API key. Questions about particular codebooks can be directed to