Roberto Ascencio


Roberto hold a master’s in City Planning with a concentration on transportation from UC Berkeley. He has focused his research on electrification strategies to mitigate the climate impact of public transportation in Latin America. He was awarded with a Fulbright scholarship by the US-Mexico Commission and a scholarship from Mexico’s Ministry of Energy to fulfill his studies at UC Berkeley. He holds a double undergraduate degree on Political Science and International Relations by the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM), where he graduated with the highest honours. Roberto has been a pedestrian a cyclist activist. He worked for Mexico City’s Laboratorio Para la Ciudad, the first government-run innovation office in Latin America, where he led mobility projects. Roberto also worked as the main advisor to one of the congresswomen elected to draft Mexico City’s first constitution. He now works as a private consultant for different agencies, such as the InterAmerican Development Bank and Mexico City’s Ministry of Mobility.